I think I need a bit of a break from the second book. I’m just struggling with it too much. It’s almost not fun anymore.

So I’m trying to write something new – maybe a short story? I’m thinking a rewrite of a fairy tale, as an exercise in writing, but I’m not sure which one. So many have been rewritten over and over – Cinderella and the Beauty and the Beast for example. And the Ugly Duckling has taken on many forms.

I thought I might take on something more obscure – like the French fairy tale about the baby goat that runs away from home not listening to its parents, gets sucked into trusting a wolf and gets eaten.

French fairy tales don’t have Disney endings.

And that might be a good thing. Often, we don’t get a happy ending every time. Or we have to work really hard to get it.

So what is your favorite fairy tale – and should it be rewritten for modern times?


About taramoeller1234

An author who writes under a couple of pen names, including Tara Moeller (adult titles), E.G. Gaddess (Victorian/Steampunk for YA), and T. L. Frye (fantasy YA).
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